Environmental trades and Green Finance are entirely new markets that are difficult for individual farmers both to access and to avoid becoming ‘price takers’. Additionally, those looking for trades have no network of farmers to approach. By working together at scale, members can be ‘price makers’ and are an obvious entity in the marketplace.

How would you benefit by joining the PEF?

  • You will be able to generate more holistic and therefore better environmental outcomes by linking your land with other land, and you should benefit financially.
  • The PEF objective is to set out clearly, at a large landscape scale, what environmental goods and services the members within it already deliver and can enhance in a measurable way. We believe this delivery can be ambitious and to a high standard.
  • PEF will be of sufficient size and scale that it can secure a fair reward for members for the delivery of those environmental goods and services.
  • By working together within the PEF co-operative, members will be able to afford to take proper advice and will be able to offer environmental outcome at a scale that will interest investors.